Serving Menominee County, Michigan & Marinette County, Wisconsin

Appraisers are an independent 3rd party that performs unbiased appraisals based solely on the real property characteristics.  

Single Family

I provide real estate appraisals for single-family homes in Marinette & Menominee counties. Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing, all evaluations are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Vacant Land – Agricultural, Commercial, or Rural

Understanding the value of vacant land can be complex. I offer comprehensive appraisal services for agricultural, commercial, and rural land, ensuring you receive a fair and accurate assessment.

Commercial Real Estate

For commercial real estate ventures, accurate appraisals are crucial. I have the expertise to evaluate various types of commercial properties, providing you with reliable and detailed assessments.


Navigating a divorce can be challenging. Divorce appraisals provide a fair and impartial evaluation of your property, ensuring a smooth transition during difficult times.

Estates & Probate

Dealing with an estate or probate can be overwhelming. A sensitive and thorough approach to estate and probate appraisals in Menominee and Marinette Counties ensures peace of mind during these challenging times.

FHA Appraisals

Expertly navigating FHA guidelines, we offer specialized appraisals for properties under the Federal Housing Administration, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

VA Loans

Looking for a real estate appraiser for a VA Loan? Cappaert Evaluation Services is well-versed in VA appraisal requirements, offering dependable service for veterans and their families.

Real Estate Listings

Whether for commercial or residential listings, I provide precise appraisals to help you price your property right.

Banks & Credit Unions

Cappaert Evaluation Services also offers appraisal services for bank-owned properties and credit union loans.